For the majority of new site owners, it’s an important query that which web hosting to choose? This is because you have got a number of options to select from, also, numerous inquiries that should be offered an explanation to locate the best alternative. It will result in looking for a simple, however prohibitive arrangements, for example – ‘site builder’ websites.


Luckily there are self-hosted WordPress that comes with many powerful hosting options and is quite easy and simple to install. What is more important is that you can control all aspects of your website. In short, this means that your server is maintained by the host and you can invest all your time to make a killer design and content for your website.

This blog is all about managed WordPress hosting. We will be also looking at 7 different variables one will need while choosing a managed WordPress hosting provider.

What do you mean by Managed WordPress Hosting Provider?

Let’s understand the meaning of Managed WordPress Hosting Provider with the help of an example. Let’s say – ‘Owing a Bike’. A bike is a very complex system made up of different parts that are in motion – like a website. A bike owner needs to maintain the vehicle such that it remain at a good condition.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Here you have two options: either you can maintain the bike yourself or can take it to the garage for its servicing. All websites work in the similar fashion. In the above example, a managed host is the garage offering a 24 X 7 maintenance to work on your web server. There are a majority of unmanaged hosts that burdens you with extra responsibility for the optimal and smooth running of your website.

You have to offer some amount for these managed services. It’s just a small price to pay. For those with no technical support group to discuss, or no inclination to open up the guts of your site it’s the best assistance to rely on. All things considered, it enables you to concentrate on making content and cash, instead of continually focusing on with a virtual spanner.

Till now we have seen that what a managed WordPress hosting means. Now, let’s get into some elements that one should look for while picking a managed WordPress hosting provider.

Focus on Speed

I guess you know it very clearly – “Speed is one of the most important factors in deciding the ranking for your website”. If the site speed is slow then it will decrease the traffic coming on your website. Having a managed WordPress host that is optimized for speed is an incredible weapon for uplifting your traffic.

WordPress Speed

You can get the information regarding the speed from your host’s home page. However, sometime it may be a bit difficult to get the exact ones. Instead of doing that I will advise you to check the under the hood speed specifications, like servers running on the latest PHP version. Apart from that, if your hosting provider is effectively assisting you with improving your site’s speed, it’s a good sign to go with.

Scalable, Suitable and Flexible WordPress Plans

Before taking a service from a managed WordPress hosting provider you should not only look for their plans but also how you could upgrade it down the line.

WordPress Pricing

The main reason behind this is that, if you are planning to make something big then you should stick to a single hosting provider. Changing your host will make a loss of your time as well as money. Thus, select a host that is scalable, flexible and suitable for your website.

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A star support team

It’s not a bad thing to ask for help – especially when you are completely new to a service or a product. All things considered, you’re the one dishing out, so you ought to have the option to get a full encounter. It’s important to incline toward your host’s help channels at first.

Support Team

You should check these two things:

  • What are the self-help resources available?
  • What Support channels they offer.

Great Testimonials


Before choosing a managed WordPress hosting provider you should look at the views of other people regarding the provider. Find the testimonials on the host’s website just to check the kind of organizations that are considered ‘normal’ clients.

Gleaming References from Users

Popularity is not everything but it’s a good indicator to know the quality of the host. Some of the most popular options you will come across may not come out to be the best. Thus, it’s a good idea to carry out good research.

You should look at what other WordPress sites on the internet are using and recommending, especially those that are getting high monthly traffic. When checking for the reviews, you ought to likewise make a point to stay with fair-minded surveys with no personal stake in the item being referred to, as these will give the most important data.

Top-order Content Management System (CMS)

Many experts say that working with a CMS to build the website is the best option to go with. With this, you can create pages and posts on a dedicated back end as well as provide flexibility in designing your website.

Content Management System

Several reports say that CMS is covering 30 percent of the market on the Internet. Thus, I will recommend you to go with that for creating up your website.

Extras for a better user experience


At the end of the day, it’s not a good idea to go for a purchase based on peripheral elements. But if the managed WordPress hosting provider is offering some free elements that are truly accommodating and important, then go for it as it will save a lot of your money. Whether they are offering you multiple industry-leading themes for a perfect website or a free CDN – Content Delivery Network to reduce the site’s speed, your hosting should fulfill all your needs.


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